Elevate IHS


Azaria Williams, Writer

Are you interested in joining any clubs on campus? Or maybe looking for something to do after school? Come to Elevate IHS! Elevate is Independence High School’s Christian Fellowship club. The club is ran by Independence Science teacher Mr. William Bolton, Math teacher Ms. Lachelle Foster, and Special Ed Aid Ms. Lasonia Pace. Mr. Bolton joined Elevate because the previous Elevate sponsor, Ms. MacLeod, asked him to continue the club’s mission. The goal for the club is to, “reach as many of the I.H.S student body as possible and be available for them for Christian Fellowship”, says Mr. Bolton. If they could use one word to describe the club, it would be love because “Elevate sponsors want all I.H.S students to know that they are loved,” Mr. Bolton claims. So if you would like to join another club on campus, come join Elevate! Meetings are held every Wednesday with food. Always remember that you are loved.