Independence’s Wonder Woman: Ms. Harrison


Jenny Nguyen, writer and editor

Ms. Harrison, Independence High School’s beloved assistant principal of student services, is a hard working independent woman who carries many burdens of the school with a smile. Working a 7:15-5 PM schedule, Harrison dedicates her career to the students of Independence.

Harrison started her career with the hopes of becoming a doctor, but later switched to become a teacher. This passion sparked after aiding and teaching her best friend. Harrison was the valedictorian of her high school in Iowa. Little did she know, she would be teaching for 17 more years.

Recently, Harrison has changed from the dean of discipline and attendance to the dean of student services. That resulted in her biggest goal this year to be “learn[ing] [her] job.” No two days in the week are ever the same for Harrison, as she’s always taking care of new students, as well as departing students.

Regardless of the obstacles Harrison faces in her job, she states, “I enjoy the students the most, I know it sounds cliche but it’s the reason why I chose my job. Besides the kids, I like working with teachers and talking to teachers.”

Out of school hours, Harrison enjoys indulging herself in the shows she watches, such as “The Crown, the Handmaid’s Tale, 9-1-1, Empire, New Amsterdam, the Voice, This Is Us, Million Little Things.” Harrison also reads for fun, even if she doesn’t regularly have a lot of spare time.

In addition, one of Harrison’s most precious treasures is her Cardinals football, signed by Larry Fitzgerald. She added, “That’s not going anywhere any time soon.” Furthermore, her greatest achievement has been raising her two successful kids.

Harrison’s encouragement to students is “Don’t give up. Even if it doesn’t work for you, if you keep going, you’ll land on your feet.”