Independence Dance Company


Dezirae Carrion, Writer

The Independence dance company has three levels. These levels are beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Those who are in dance move up and grow as they continue to take the class. As you experience your first year in dance, you will learn and practice all the basic skills you will need to continue in the higher levels of dance.

Intermediate is very similar to beginning, but the technique can start to get much more difficult as you are progressing. Advanced is the highest level of dance there is at Independence High School. In order to be apart of the advanced class, you must put together a thirty second to one minute solo and try out at the end of second semester. This solo dance is like an audition. The advanced class requires you to participate in many events that can be in or outside of school such as, district dance show, symposium, local dance shows, etc.

Dance is a great experience for those who are wishing to pick up a new hobby. It is also a good way to express who you are without having to write on a piece of paper or say a single word. Every year new people are welcomed into the dance company and many continue to stay and push themselves to get better at what they enjoy doing the most. According to Michael Amparan, president of the dance program, “the dance company right now is better than it has ever been and is still growing with such incredible and talented individuals”.

This elective is not just a free class period, it does require work. However, there are benefits that go along with joining. One benefit is that students get to learn from each other. There may be times when you’re struggling through something and a classmate is there to help you. At other times you will be able to help those who didn’t pick up the skill as quickly as you may have. In dance everyone has each other’s back.  

The dance company has been known to create unexpected, yet great relationships between peers. Today, the program has been doing really well and those who are currently in dance “have been successful and have worked very hard to get to where [they] are now”, says Yaritza Hernandez. For those students who are interested in being apart of the team and aren’t afraid of a challenge, go see your counselor so you can join dance.