More than Chess


Mia Garcia, writer

Chess is a sport where a person has to think strategically while anticipating an opponent’s moves. Independence high school has hosted a chess club for a while now. They are always welcoming new members. William Bolton, the chess coach,  says “we have players from all levels” from very experienced to players who have never played before. When asked the requirements the chess coach claimed “you don’t need any experience”, all you really need is a “wanting” to learn chess. 


At chess club, they strive to create a fun yet focused atmosphere. When asked their newest player, Leah Luque, why she joined she said it was to “try something new”. When asked what she liked about it she exclaimed, “ it’s so fun and the people are so fun there” she encourages others to also try something new.  Chess club president Alijah Gilder has gone to chess for 3 out of 4 years at independence when asked why he goes back he claims “all my friends that I cared about were there”.  Mr. Bolton highlights that his players go above and beyond to help a fellow chess player in need. Chess is not only about learning a complex game, but it’s also about having fun and making memories.


What it can do for you? Studies from the Med J Islam Repub Iran show that chess can improve your memory due to the challenging ways the game is run. Chess “teaches you strategy, logical thinking, anticipating, [and] it’s very transferable to real life. It helps you read the situation and react with a better grasp of what to do…it helps with mathematical situation” describes Mr. Bolten. Mr. Bolton is the chess coach at IHS, and he has been playing chess for about 35 years now. 


If you have an interest come on out and give chess a try. Fridays are competitions days, and they practice every day from 2:45 to 3:45 in B-24 almost every day after school. Mr. Bolton encourages students to come and enjoy a  “classic and wonderful game of strategy”.