Independence High School Gets a New Logo


Devin Chau, writer

The Independence High School has had many logos over the years. For the past several years it has been the patriot head logo that is often associated with the New England Patriots football team. The first logo that was used in 1977 was discarded due to it being difficult to replicate on school merchandise.

Some people are happy to have a newly designed logo . Principal  Robert Ambrose said, “There have been a number of people here who have wanted something to call their own. We wanted something that was just ours and would unify our school brand.”

Ambrose claimed the new logo is said to be “easy to replicate, unique to us, beautiful, gender neutral, and not stolen from a professional or minor league ball team.”

With the new logo in place and in its complete form, Anthony Ditto, Assistant Principal of Discipline and Attendance, has said that it will start to replace the old logos around the school.