Independence’s Art Club


Nathalee Osuna, writer


Art Club is one of the many extracurricular activities offered at Independence High School. It is a great opportunity for artists to express themselves and their creativity outside of the classroom. The two sponsors are Mario Saucedo, 3D Design teacher, and Joshua Odom, art teacher.


Odom has been co-sponsor of the club for the last four years. He enjoys leading the club “and hopes that art can teach them to focus, be observant, and to appreciate other cultures.” He expressed that the club has connected him with students because it’s a relaxed atmosphere and easier to engage with them. Odom also explained it is about having fun, hanging out with friends, and making art. According to him, “My favorite thing is hanging out with the students and art members and seeing all the cool stuff they come up with for their ideas and their artwork.” He does plan to keep being involved and would like to see the club become more engaged with the campus through beautification projects. There are also big events coming up that include a field trip to the Phoenix Museum and the art show later this school year.


Diana Cerritos, club member, explained that, “Art is more of a hobby for me. Sometimes drawing gets difficult. She also believes that a challenge is one way to practice and get better. The club has impacted her life in the sense that “[she] developed leadership skills with others and [she] was able to work as a team to have many different, creative ideas.” Cerritos then explained that it’s brilliant to hear what other people think and stated, “I would be glad to talk to others as well.”  What drew her to the club was her desire to meet new people, improve social skills, build confidence, and have fun. Her favorite part about the club is trying new things and activities, such as making clay figures and acrylic paintings. According to her, people should join Art Club because it allows for free expression without restrictions. On top of that, she is excited for upcoming events and “getting to go somewhere and do something new.”


Another member of the Art Club, Anise Harris, takes Art 7-8 and 3D Design 3-4. When asked how art has impacted her life, she described it as “giving [her] an outlet for [her] frustrations in life and school.” She also thinks other students should join the club for a similar reason: it can be a creative outlet for those who need it. Similar to Cerritos, this is part of her most favorable thing regarding Art Club. Harris also noted that, “Being in Art Club is about making things for fun without judgment.” Doing fun things with people she can relate to is what makes her experience better and definitely feels more connected to those around her. Harris would like to see collaboration with other clubs and is thrilled for what Art Club has in store.


Art Club is a creative and artistic space where all students are welcome to join. There are many activities to partake in and to develop new skills or hobbies alongside teachers, Mario Saucedo and Joshua Odom, as well as their peers.