Young Environmentalists Club


Serenity Borunda, writer

Independence High School’s Young Environmentalists Club is where students can join together to reduce the damage done to our earth.  Science teachers Phuong Kieu and  William Bolton co-sponsor the club.


The main goal of YEC is to reduce waste and encourage resourcefulness. “We recycle plastic, cardboard, and paper every Thursday . W are keeping the campus more green,” says Kieu


Kieu tries to inform students that our earth is not going to last forever with the amount of damage that is already done. She wants students to understand that the damage done to nature will be catastrophic, and in the future, it will hurt the human race significantly. 


Many people think that one person can’t make a big difference when it comes to the environment. This is also often something students tend to think, according to Kieu.  However, she hopes YEC helps students get out of that mindset, so that they can feel like they accomplished something, even if it was small.


In fact, students like Senior Tiffany Bui joined YEC because they appreciated the work being done for our campus.  “I love that our club is always going to be a constant at IHS. When I graduate, someone else will be there to clean up and take care of our campus every time,” said Bui. 

 Senior Alexis Acosta, former member, said, “I liked how the club would accept anyone; there were no requirements to be a member”. 


Kieu and Bui  implore those who share the same drive to join YEC! “We would love more members to build our club,” says Bui.