Vocal Ensemble Won Two Superiors At Jazz-Mad


Mia Garcia, writer

On February 12th, Independence’s  Vocal Ensemble, the top-ranking choir member, won two superiors. A superior is the highest-ranking score an ensemble could receive. 


Jazz- Mad is an event in which Vocal Ensemble members travel to NAU to perform music to reserve a score. The title comes from the genres of Jazz and magical music pieces. 


 Aubreanna Burns, president of the Choir club, describes how Jaz-Mad can bring people together. Burns states “Singing has always been about collective noise and its ability to take people from all walks of life and combine their hearts into one vibration.” 


 Angela Maya Joseph, a member of the Vocal Ensemble and a senior, claimed “ as I was performing [my thoughts were to] not mess up, especially for one specific song, Fire. After Fire was over, however, I had a lot of fun with the other songs, especially the jazz ones, and was able to think ‘Just have fun.’”  The nervous feeling was mutual among the girls.  Burns claimed it was a very “nerve-wracking yet blissful experience”


After receiving the superiors, Karla Benitez Valencia, the Secretary and historian of the Choir Club said, “ Our hard work just paid off, all the chaos of the trip and the behind the scenes, it just all paid off”. Joseph shared her sentiment and stated, “I was ready to receive a 1 for both performances and I prepared thinking we would get it.” 


 Burns acknowledged there have been difficulties. She said, “Covid completely rearranged choir and there was no longer a connection between us. When we returned we hadn’t sung a choral piece in a year and had to find our rhythm again. I’m so beyond proud of the work my group put in and as we all cried together it was truly something I’ll always remember.” 


Valencia added, “ It was so much fun to share like share experiences with this vocal ensemble especially like coming back from a pandemic and I think it was different for us to come together and celebrate our love for music it took us a long time to learn this music it took a lot of hard work and dedication.”  


Valencia explained how their Ensemble consists of 13 girls, who are “ hardworking and talented girls” who are conducted by an “amazing and dedicated teacher.” Burns agreed and claimed,   “Independence is blessed with such an incredible human being as the director who truly cares about all her students.”


All the girls shared the same feeling that choir was a very “special and safe environment” 


Joseph offered advice to other students that may be interested in joining, and said,  “Don’t stop yourself from wanting to do something you want to do because of your fear. Stepping out of your comfort zone is a big way to move forward.”