Jadelyne Cruz, writer

Choir is one of many Independence High School’s courses where one can express themselves. Here at Independence Katherine Sweeney, Choir teacher, educates students about vocal arts.


Sweeney has been teaching choir for the past eight years. She has taught at a K-8 school for 3 years before coming to Independence High School. Sweeney states that she is lucky to have had  “incredible music educators in her life”. As a young adolescent, Sweeney had a band and choir director who had inspired her and had set a great example of what type of teacher she had wanted to become. 


Sweeney expressed that as teacher, she enjoys everything about choir.  Her whole “ philosophy of being an entire person and being well rounded has to do with exposure to the arts. Finding ways to feel more deeply, more fully, and being able to express yourself is something unique to music classes and very unique to choir”. Choir has brought many meaningful and wonderful memories to Sweeney.


Choir is joined by choosing the elective and or by joining the club itself. Choir is about being able to work as a team. The art of music is very meaningful to those who express their emotions through music, such as in choir. 


Maliyah Thompson, vocal ensemble member, states that being in choir is “fun, interesting, and it really brings you together”. She says it’s overall a really great experience to be involved in vocal ensemble. Thompson explains that choir “is like a home and family.” The musical environment with other people makes her feel at peace and gives her have a comfortable place to be. 


Another member from vocal ensemble, Ollie Johnson, explains that she loves to sing and has “always been a music person”. Being in choir has helped her be able to express herself through the art of music. Johnson says she has been able to become closer with people and accomplish a lot while being in choir. Choir has brought Johnson great memories and a great learning experience.