Student Council


Ana Jeromy Soto Soto, writer

At Independence, Student Council is a great way for students to become more involved with their school and their peers.


Pepper Marshall is the sponsors and helps guide Student Council. According to Marshall, Student Council is “a co-curricular, student-led leadership course where the student’s job is to govern the school; it sets the standards, supports all groups, and tries to offer students a true school experience with a variety of events.” 


This club is great to help high school students explore and become independent within the expectations set by Marshall.  She is supposed to guide them and make sure they follow the rules but still allow them to be creative and work together. It is clear by the way she speaks of her students that she loves them and this club. She says that the best thing about it is “seeing the students grow and take ownership of their role and becoming dynamic leaders.”


Student Council members are expected to be able to have a leadership role and work creatively with others. Ideal candidates for Student Council would have to have the proper “time management skills, responsibility, clear communication, independence” and so much more, according to Marshall.


Marshall says, “Most student council members are some of the most involved students on campus.”  Students do frequently see student council members showing school spirit while trying to get others to join them. 


Freshman Class President, Mia Gradillas, and Junior club member, Brianna Gutierrez, expressed how much fun they have, but also how much responsibility it is to be a part of a club like this. 


“We plan a lot of events and try getting people to show school spirit with us,” Gutierrez says. They helped organize events like Homecoming, Prom, assemblies, the Haunted House, and many other fun events. They do a lot and help campus “become more involved with the school.”


“It is a great class and without StuCo, many things wouldn’t happen. The campus has life because of this class” Gradillas says. The Independence High School Student Council has a lot of passion, creativity, and motivation for the things they do together as a class on campus. They love spreading the school spirit and they help make the most out of everyone’s high school experience.