Flu season strikes- How to fight back!


Jenny Nguyen, writer and editor

With the winter season here, the infamous flu season is infiltrating Independence High School with its dreadful effects.

The flu is a contagious illness spread through contact with already contaminated people. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the flu infection could escalate into hospitalization or even in extreme cases, death. However, there are common ways to prevent illness and getting infected.

Independence’s very own nurse, Mary Freeland, had some input on facts about the flu season and even gave advice on how to prevent spreading it.

Freeland believes when students come to school when they are sick, it is “[n]ot good, they are just getting others around them sick.”

Freeland believes when students are sick, they should remain at home. She also emphasizes, “Hand washing, hand washing — can’t say that enough,” in order to prevent spreading sickness. As well as getting a flu shot, Freeland also recommends to cover up coughs and to keep your hands away from your nose, eyes and mouth.

According to Freeland, to ease an illness, make sure to get lots of rest, drink fluids, and take medication. If you see any signs of illness, make sure to contact your doctor before it escalates!

The flu is a common illness that is transferred around extremely easily. It is extremely vital to make sure not to be the source of the spread!