Varsity Basketball Players Appreciate YOU!


Shalom Lara, Writer

Our very own Varsity Boy Basketball players are some of the hardest workers you will meet in your high school experience. Therefore, they deserve all the love and support from you amazing fans! The players and the coaches themselves feel a tremendous amount of support coming from their fans.

Some of our players and Varsity coaches were able to explain how much they appreciate the support from all the fans when they fill up the seats in the bleachers during their home games. When asked, “Does having a bigger crowd watching you play during games, affect you negatively or positively?” Varsity player Fabrice Kagoma explained, “A bigger crowd at home is positive because I get to play for people who care. It really makes home games feel like home.”

Varsity coach, Mr. Maragh insightfully explained, “I think our kids are already motivated to play hard, but I do think it will make them feel better seeing a full house because I do think that the people watching would enjoy how hard we play.”

Your support positively affects the hard working boys basketball team, so don’t forget to come out on game days to show them how much you care! The last home game is Feb. 1, so don’t forget to come before time runs out!