Football’s Early Preparation


Brandon Allison

The Independence football team has started their preparation for the next season early. After a two month break from the end of the season, future players are already in the weight room working on their strength and conditioning.

The football season starts at the end of August and lasts until the end of October. Winter weights start in January and last through April, followed by “spring ball” which runs until the summer.

Once summer starts, players are back in the weight room, going to football camp, and preparing for the start of the season which begins shortly after the school year begins. To put it into perspective, a football player only has November and December away from football. However, for coaches, football is year-round, Varsity Football Coach Santiago Maldonado is tirelessly thinking of new schemes and ways to make his team the best possible.

Maldonado stated that “weights are the most important part of football season. It is where kids develop the most strength and speed.”

Expert studies have proven his words to be true. According to Nick Clark, a regional educator for Newton Running, adding lean muscle tissue provides “foundation, power, increased neuromuscular efficiency, increased metabolic efficiency and a decreased risk for injury.” Also, while decreasing body fat has shown to increase VO2Max – allowing you to process oxygen faster. The offseason is the absolute most important time of the year for an athlete.

Football players have bought into the system as well. Many times, athletes try to find ways out of their offseason responsibilities; however, the football program has a very dedicated group of young athletes who are passionate about the game and have a strong drive to succeed.