New Book Club Members Welcome!


Martha Aramburo, writer

Book Club is a great place for people with similar interests to meet each other. The meetings take place in the Media Center on Thursdays at 2:45 p.m. There are several reasons for one to join Book Club.


Senior Linda Marshall says, “Book Club is a club where people who love books can talk to others and find people who share their interests.” If you are someone who loves books and wants to make good friends, Book Club would be perfect for you. Book club also helps improve reading and analyzing skills by talking about books as a club.

Senior Elizabeth Yonan says Book Club is a great place to be since ”[y]ou get to know more students around you. You make those connections, so you’re not lonely throughout high school.” This is important because people struggling to make friends can find a family in this club.


The love of books and making friends is great, but so is getting involved in school events. Book Club hosts multiple interesting events. Ms. Stephanie Ehrick says they “host puppet shows and have book talks. They are open to everyone on campus.” In addition, Book Club is attending Libcon, a book convention for enthusiastic readers. These are just a few great things Book Club has to offer and new members are always welcome!