IHS Goes Disney


Celeste Cortez, writer

This year’s dance show was called IHS GOES DISNEY and will was held on December 4-6th. 


All dance classes, beginning, intermediate, and advanced, as well as additional dance groups were performing to disney songs. The three beginning classes danced to one song, which are Just Like Fire, Never Had a Friend Like Me, and Hakuna Matata. However, both Intermediate classes got to have two songs which included Speechless, Hawaiin Rollercoaster Ride, Zero to Hero, and Colors of the Wind. Then, the IHS Advance Dancers performed three songs which were Friends on the Other Side, Spirit, and a Disney Songs Remix. For the finale, there was a surprise that was sure to blow the crowd away. 


One choreographer, Esme, wanted to create dances with meaning so the audience and performers could connect to them. She wanted the dancers to express themselves through it. For example, in Speechless, she wanted to send the message that even if there is someone trying to suppress your voice, you don’t have to allow them that power over you. Also, in Spirit, she wanted to show that you can express yourself and have confidence in who you are.


While the show only last for about two hours, it tooks a lot more work than most anticipated. According to Mrs. Montoya, the IHS Dance Teacher and choreographer, “The dance show requires a lot of teamwork from people backstage and the dancers”. There was someone in control of the lights, music and a manager in charge of everything going on backstage. Montoya mentioned that in order to make the manager’s job easier, the dance classes have assigned rooms so all may be called when their dance begins and no one is missing or late. 


Many students who have taken dance found it to be fun and exciting, especially around the time of the dance show. This excitement was easily seen by all the students promoting it through their social media and talking about it at lunch. 


Both choreographers urge anyone interested in dance to “go for it” and have the confidence to try it. Montoya mentioned that many of the dancers who came into the class and maybe didn’t want to be in it, eventually found joy in it because of how hands on the class is by necessity.