Martha Aramburo, writer

Joker takes place in 1981 and it depicts how Arthur Fleck became Batman’s most known villain, The Joker. Arthur Fleck wishes to be a comedian but is inclined to madness as he is disrespected and made a fool of by society. This movie is amazing. In fact, it has the audience on the edge of their seats waiting and trying to guess what will happen next. Joker is a 5-star movie. The cast, the story line and the director, Todd Phillips, truly outdid themselves in order to bring the film to life. 


Many viewers would say the film was amazing in every aspect. The story has viewers question everything and feel a variety of emotions.  Senior Kayla Morones says, “The film made me question human behavior. It made me realize that no one is all good or all evil.” Senior Hailey Reyna says, “It made me happy to see the character finally get a film of his own, but it did have its sad moments.”


The cast was amazing. Their acting really brought out the character’s emotions and helped tell the Joker’s origin story. The film surrounds Arthur Fleck who is portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix. Senior Brenda Lopez says, “Joaquin Phoenix portrayed the Joker rather well. He showed an immense amount of emotion… It’s obvious how much effort and dedication he put into fitting the role.” Morones says, “Joaquin Phoenix was definitely the right person to play the Joker… He made the Joker very dimensional.” 


As the viewers finished the film, they were left with different thoughts and feelings while trying to take in everything that had happened. Reyna says,”I was thinking about how sad the characters background was and how others could be going through the same thing.” Lopez said, “I wanted it to just keep going. I was fascinated by the film and the actor. It was absolutely amazing and I hope Joaquin Phoenix will appear in future Joker films.”