AAA Winner- Rex Foster


Raul Sandoval, writer


This February  Independence High School teacher Rex Foster received  the yearly Achievement Above All award which recognized his hard work, dedication, and support of the school. 


Even after Mr. Foster received his award and recognition he remained humble among his peers. ROTC Teacher Rex Foster said, “I, of course, am honored to have been awarded this award. However, I believe this is the result of hard work on the part of every principal, educational support professional, teacher and student on this campus, not just me.”


Forster is widely known around the Independence campus as the ROTC commander. “NJROTC, Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is a citizen development program. Designed to teach respect, devotion to duty, and service to others,” Foster explained.


Receiving this award may not seem like much, but “this award has been something our governing board has done every year since before Independence High School was built.  I would have to check that, but I know it has been a thing for at least the past 40 years,” said Robert Ambrose, Principal of Independence High School.

 Ambrose added,  “I was very excited that Commander Foster received this award. He is truly an example of what it means to be a dedicated teacher and coach on this campus.  He does so much to help this be a great school.  I am thankful everyday that he is here as an example for others to look up to.”