Baseball- What does it take?

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David Rios Fuentes, Writer

Baseball is not an easy sport. It takes a high level of skill to hit a ball only 3 inches in length traveling at approximately 95 miles per hour. Not to mention, one has to have a great arm to throw a ball that fast.

Baseball is no joke, it takes years and years to master this sport and develop the skills necessary to succeed.

Hitting the ball consistently takes time, hand-eye coordination and confidence.

Catching and fielding the baseball takes athleticism, aggressiveness, timing and coordination. Fielding ground balls requires the player to have speed, so they can get to the right spot on the field quickly. It also requires coordination so they can quickly catch the ball without getting hit and throw it where it needs to go.

In addition, throwing the ball well requires arm strength, balance and timing. Since the shoulder is a delicate part of the body, which can easily get hurt, it is very important that one knows how to properly throw a pitch and not exhaust themself.

Finally, base running requires skills as well. Many might not think so, but base running is more than just speed. One must understand how fast the players can throw to ensure they have enough time to make it to the base safely. This is especially important if the runner is going to try and steal a base.

Although all these skills are important to have in order to be a successful baseball player, it is also vital that players have grit. Sophomore, Matthew Hernandez said, “One needs to have a good sense of leadership to guide the team through all trials they have. They also need to understand failure, for in baseball it is common to lose. What makes a great team is the learning of how to improve off of their mistakes.”