Be Empowered to Empower


Just a few of the Empowerment members!

Shalom Lara, Writer

Independence started a Female Empowerment Club in the 2018- 2019 school year. The purpose of this club is to make a safe space for all girls in the school. The club was started by librarian and co- sponsor, Stephanie Ehrick. Ehrick created the club because she wanted to help female students build confidence. After a group of student workers became enthusiastic to start the club, her idea became a reality. Club members are a support system for each other. They are inspired by one another and by other female figures. During the first year, members and staff of the club organized a dating violence campaign. They set a booth up in the mall area and handed out ribbons and pamphlets to inform students about the importance of staying out of abusive relationships. 

When asked what people should know about the club, Ehrick said “I want people to know that the focus is to empower young girls and changing the way we talk about and to girls. However, we are not exclusive and boys are definitely welcome to become a part of that cause. We want everybody’s opinion as long as they align with our mission, which is to serve this population.”

“I want to encourage our members to try different things that they wouldn’t do on their own, connect them to role models and to provide some type of service for girls either at Independence or internationally.”

Senior member, Laura Aquino said members should be “anybody who has a little bit of good in their heart to do something good for their community. It really is just empowering ourselves by trying to feel better and put good into the world.”

Our Empowerment Club has decided to become part of the GirlUp organization. The purpose of GirlUp is to gain equal rights for all girls in the world. GirlUp is a movement that provides resources to less advantaged girls in countries where they may not have the right to attend school, have access to reliable health care, or are forced to get married and start a family. 

Check out our Empowerment Club every Wednesday before and after school to empower our own Lady Patriot students and the women around the world.  Not all women around the world have the same advantages as us Americans. Make that known. Join Empowerment to make a difference in the world!