Give Part of Your Life to Save a Life 


Shalom Lara, Writer

  Independence has hosted a blood drive every year for the past several years. There are many requirements for who is able to donate blood during this event. Males must be over 16, over 5 feet tall, and weigh at least 110 pounds. Female participants must be over 16, but if you are under 5’6, you must weigh a certain amount depending on your height.

 Angel Gomez Rodriguez, Sophomore Class Treasurer and chair of Community Service, is the organizer of events such as the blood drive. Gomez Rodriguez said there was “approximately 46 students” that participated in the blood drive on September 13.

Juniors who were just minutes away from their turn to donate blood, Anaya Rodriguez and Savannah Valdez explained why they chose to donate. Valdez said, “It’s one way I’m able to help in anyway possible. It’s an easy way to get involved and to help.” It was her first year donating blood, and she plans to do it again. Rodriguez said, “I like the thought of donating blood. I don’t know my blood type, so that actually made me want to know because there’s a certain blood type where you can give your blood to different people of all sorts. That would be cool if you could save someone’s life, and you don’t even know them. I think it’s a cool thing that people that need transplants to have blood.” She also said, “I would recommend people to donate blood. They actually keep track of whose blood it is and they’ll email you and tell you when they used it.”

Principal Robert Ambrose said, “I do support that we do it because I think it serves a great purpose for people who are going through surgeries, or people who have accidents or trauma in their lives. It’s great to have the ability to help people. It’s been going on since before I’ve been here. I’ve been here for 12 years and I think it’ll keep going.”

By donating blood, you are helping someone else in need. The next blood drive at Independence won’t be until next school year. If you are interested in donating as soon as possible, you can visit blood donation centers such as Vitalant Blood Services on 5757 N Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, AZ 85015.