ACE Program

David Rios Fuentes, writer and editor

When students get the chance to be part of the ACE program, many have questions about what ACE is, and  how beneficial it may be.


The ACE  program stands for Achieving College Education. The program allows students to earn up to 24 college credits while still in high school, according to Glendale Community College. 


When a student is in their sophomore year, they are eligible to apply. The application comes from their counselor. In addition to the application, the student will be required to submit an essay explaining why they should be selected for the ACE program.


 Independence Counselor Elissa Kool said, “ The ACE is a combination of students getting the experience of college and receiving credits¨


 The ACE program gives students a chance to experience what college is like. This allows them to determine if college  really is what they want to pursue after high school.


 Current ACE student Junior Paulina Solis said she joined “ because I really wanted to see how beneficial it would be, and I wanted to live the college life as a student in high school.” 


Senior Rodrigo Rios Fuentes, another ACE Program Student, said, “ The ACE will require time management, and one must be willing to give up their Saturdays to go to ACE.”


When a student gets accepted to the ACE, he or she must do a placement test. There and then, they will see their results and a counselor will tell them what class they will be placed into.


Then that upcoming summer the student will take the two classes they tested into.  The classes start at the end of May and end in mid July.


The only cost to the student are the books required for the classes.