Abriel Carrasco
I am Abriel Carrasco (basically Gabriel without the “G”) and I’m a Senior at Independence High School. One of my favorite hobbies is to procrastinate and play video games, but I always end up doing my my school work without jeopardizing my grades. I always strive to be the person I desire to be.

I haven’t acquitted myself to extra curricular activities, as I found them time consuming and most clubs or sports didn’t fit my own schedule. Having Honors and AP classes throughout my 4 years in high school limited my time to do fun things as certain classes progressively got harder. But I’m not perfect, as I dropped my Pre-Calc class in Junior year because I felt I wasn’t ready for AP calculus.


I’m very open minded, simply because there’s no reason not to be, so finding a conversation that’d be weird to most people would interest me the most. I’m just a weird guy like that.

Abriel Carrasco, writer

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Abriel Carrasco