Interact Club Gears for the New Year


Briana Ha, Writer and Editor

Independence High School (IHS) invites you to become a part of Interact, our newest service club on campus! Interact is an international organization dedicated to helping and supporting local communities around the world. Last year, Independence started their very own Interact club. With a strong start behind them, they have even bigger plans for the upcoming year!


Interact offers many opportunities to earn community service hours including feeding the homeless, tutoring young children, and more. Not only that, but there are other benefits that are included with volunteering.


Gravity Griffith, a teacher at IHS and co-sponsor of Interact said, “There are opportunities in Interact for scholarships… and also people can use service hours in Interact to help them fulfill requirements in other clubs.“


Becoming a part of Interact is also a great way to meet people in and outside of school! Interact members encounter people from a wide range of backgrounds such as volunteers from other schools, community project organizers, and the individuals that Interact is dedicated to serving. 


Although they are a small club now, Interact holds high hopes for their future. In just the first meeting of the year, over 100 students attended. 


With bright eyes, Mr. Griffith voiced his excitement for what lies ahead. He anticipates that as the club grows in size, so will their presence on campus. “We hope that we will have a bigger imprint in our community as we fulfill our community service obligations,” he says.  

This year, Interact has many upcoming events to help out the community. Every month, they help prepare food at Andre House to feed the homeless and tutor homeless kids at St. Vinnie’s. Apart from helping the homeless, future projects include participating in school events, fundraising to help eradicate polio, collaborating with other high schools and more. 


If you are interested in joining, Interact meets every other Wednesday in the mini-auditorium.