Chemistry Club


Tiffany Bui, writer

Joining Chemistry Club allows students to participate in experiments in a small group setting to learn about the reaction of chemicals in a more detailed manner.


Members, such as Senior Ingrid Flores and Junior Fernando Ival, joined because they are passionate about chemistry. Flores said that her favorite part of the club was doing the small experiments “without having to answer questions about it.”  Ival said he enjoyed hanging out with the other members. Both Ival and Flores really enjoyed decorating the door for the Christmas Door Decorating Contest, which Chemistry Club won. 


“Honestly, the vibe is pretty cool and we’re chill, but the experiments bring everyone together,” said Ival when asked if there was some interesting information he wanted to share. “You can get community service hours for helping clean up after projects. Overall, it is a great club to join, and Ms. Kleissle is always open to doing different experiments” stated Flores. 


Join the Chemistry Club to explore different areas of chemistry in a small and personal setting. Come to the next few meetings to get more information about the student chosen projects, and the next major experiment, Elephant’s Toothpaste. 


There are no requirements to join the Chemistry Club. In fact, most students just have a strong interest in science and may possibly pursue this topic in college or as a career. “The student would have a better understanding of what is occurring with the different experiments if they have taken chemistry; however, it is not a requirement,” said Karyn Kleissle, the founder of Chemistry Club. Kleissle came up with the club because it was a way to “share the knowledge of chemistry and to help students understand that it can be a great career choice and lots of fun to do different experiments.” It is an all-year club that meets every Monday at 2:45 p.m. in Room 111.