Just Another High School Play: Review


Karissa Hayes, writer

After two long years, the Independence High School Theatre Department produced and performed a fall production of Just Another High School Play. The production was directed by theater teacher Sarah Farson and ran from November 3rd through 5th at the Performing Art Center.  The plot follows a cast of theater students on their opening night who have been abandoned by their director as punishment because many of the actors and actresses had not shown up for rehearsals. 


This is a comedy skit play, performed by: Dilia Angel, Julianna Angel, Michelle Angulo, Karla Benitez, Aubreanna Burns, Ava Casimir, Elayna Flores, Adilene Fuentes Camacho, Christopher Groce, Oliver Johnson, Macie Keenen, Jamie Lauriano, Bao Uyen Le, Yamely Leal, Leah Luque, Ashley Martinez, Vlad Martinez, Pike Mathis, Hien Nguyen, Selena Rubio, and Robert Vasquez.


Although multiple actors attested to the struggles of memorizing lines, stage terms or being hypercritical, they were able to pull together an incredible performance. The positive atmosphere they all created when they were preparing was vital to carry on with the show.  Karla Benitez, playing the role of barkeep and narrator, looks back on the funny moments of spontaneous laughter, and is thankful to have “shared the stage with all of these beautiful and talented people.”  Robert Vasquez, playing the assistant director, described everyone as being “so amazing” as he recalled the memories and excitement that had been built during the preparations for the play. This atmosphere was vital to carrying on with the show.